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Super Booster Day means a difference to your future

How to pay yourself forward

Track down your super

There are billions of dollars’ worth of lost super being held by the Australian Tax Office. Could some of this money be yours? If you’ve ever changed your job, name or address, you may be richer than you think.

It’s pretty easy to find out whether you’re entitled to a slice of the pie – visit for tips.

You will need a MyGov account to help you find lost super. Your super fund can also help you track down your super, so alternatively you can contact it.

Consider consolidating

Keeping your super in one place can be a good idea because it will mean you’re only paying one set of fees and reduces paperwork.

Check out our tips on consolidating.

Make extra contributions

You can supercharge your super by topping it up with extra funds. It doesn’t have to be a huge sum - small amounts can make a big difference. Just adding an extra $10 a week to your super could boost your future wealth by $35,333 if you’re 35.
There are two main types of contributions. Before-tax contributions, including compulsory superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions and salary sacrifice, are known as “concessional contributions” and after-tax contributions are known as “non-concessional contributions”.

Find out the differences between the two and how they are taxed.

If you top up your super make sure you stick to the contribution limits or the penalties can be pretty hefty.

Check them out here.